12 Ways a Print Newsletter Grows Revenue and Boosts Digital Marketing [Share with Your Clients]

Here are twelve ways a print newsletter can contribute to the growth of any company in any industry.

The fact that they require more work than an email or social media post is a plus. Anyone who uses them is guaranteed to stand out in their field. As an expert print reseller, you can demonstrate newsletter value and guide them easily through the process.

Why Print Newsletters Grow Revenues

ways a print newsletter grows revenue


1 – Print keeps you top of mind.
Buyers are ready to buy when they’re ready to buy. Print gives you the chance to physically be there when that happens. Unlike emails, which are prone to instant deletion, spam folders, or to being overlooked, a print newsletter can sit on a client’s desk long before and after it’s read.

2 – Print is effective.
An InfoTrends study found that 66% of direct mail is opened, 82% of that is read for a minute or more, and 62% of consumers who responded to direct mail in the past three months made a purchase.

3 – Newsletters generate new business without cold calling.
A regular newsletter is much less intrusive than phone calls or in-person sales visits. In fact, a regular newsletter increases the response rate to those efforts. As author Dan Kennedy likes to say, “You go from annoying pest to welcome guest.”

4 – Newsletters bond you to your customer with your unique, personal communication.
People buy from people. The more they know and trust you via a newsletter, the better the customer relationship.

5 – Newsletters add value.
Include something useful in each issue and you become more valuable. Adding value makes it easier for you to get premium pricing.

6 – Newsletters establish you as an expert.
Whatever your area of expertise, you are the expert for your customer. That’s why they picked you. A newsletter reminds them and offers tangible proof.

7 – Newsletters generate referrals.
People love to pass along something helpful or entertaining to their friends. There is no easier new customer to acquire than a referral. Your print newsletter is an ideal pass-around item.

8 – Newsletters instantly set you apart from your competitors.
How many of your competitors are using print newsletters? I’ll wager it’s between none and a few.

9 – Print drives traffic to your website and social media.
The study mentioned above also found that 56% of consumers who responded to direct mail went online or visited the physical store. This additional traffic can grow your email list as it increases your website ranking and online visibility.

10 – Newsletters reach people you’d otherwise miss.
There is a whole universe of ideal prospects who are not on your email list or social channels, and/or who have never heard of you. Print can reach them.

11 – Newsletters generate revenue.
Each issue is an opportunity for an offer. Even your best clients never remember everything on your product or service list. Newsletters remind them regularly of your offerings, upsells and cross-sells.

12 – Newsletters start dialogs.
You can ask for suggestions, feedback, reviews or testimonials in a newsletter. This opens up opportunities and helps you resolve problems. You’ll get responses from your newsletter that you don’t get from comparable digital media requests.

Getting a Newsletter Printed

There are many simple, affordable formats to use when starting out with a print newsletter. For example, an 11x17" folded to a 5.5 x 8.5" self-mailer is fast and economical. Another quick option is an 8.5 x 11" folded to insert and mail in a #10 envelope.

For clients that want a more premium newsletter, digital saddle-stitched books are a great way to start.

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