Case Studies - Growing Print Businesses Using a Trade Printer

The following are case studies on how a variety of commercial and quick printing companies grew their businesses by collaborating with Western Trade Printing.

case studies of Western Trade Printing in California

Case Study: 40% Savings on Saddle Stitched Book Mailing through Innovative Planning

A client recently came to WTP with a straightforward request: they needed to print, bind, and mail an 11 x 8.5 saddle-stitched booklet to be inserted into a 9 x 12 envelope.

The project involved seven versions, each with a 20,000 quantity, to be mailed at flat size rates.

The client's original plan was clear, but we saw an opportunity that would save them tens of thousands of dollars without detracting from the campaign's effectiveness.

Here are all the details.


Case Study - 20% Revenue Growth Despite a Troubled Acquisition

The strategic value of working with a genuine trade printer sometimes seems to be the world’s best kept secret. We are not just a supplier, we are a business growth partner.

The owners came to us soon after acquiring another printing business. They had a good strategic plan in place for the acquisition.

But as boxer Mike Tyson famously said, “Everybody has plans until they get hit for the first time.”

(Note: because of the nature of trade printing, we keep all client info confidential.)

In no time at all, they faced four significant and unexpected staffing and logistical challenges that threatened their whole operation.

The need to cut operating costs was immediate.

Together, we collaborated on a plan to quickly tackle all their pressing challenges.

Here's what happened.


Case Study - 10% Growth Without In-House Production Headaches

In this study, we worked with a commercial printing company faced with the problem of transitioning from a full-service production facility to a 100% brokerage business.

After working with us, they managed the transition and achieved a 10% revenue growth their first year.

Read the Case Study Here.


Case Study - The Transition That Saved a Family Business

In this study, we teamed up with a company that was throwing in the towel on manufacturing.

The problem was they couldn't figure out how how to keep their family-owned business alive.

We collaborated to help them overcome these challenges, which in turn led them to more profitability than ever.

Read the Case Study Here


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