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One Business! One Name! One Focus!

Our business is based on our belief that brokering print will continue to grow and is becoming the most popular way for end users to purchase their printing needs. We understand your business like no one else and as such, we are not going to compete with you under this name or any other. We are here for one reason – to support the segment of printing that we all know as “Print Brokering”. Whether it is the core of your business, a small part of your business, or maybe as a printer, you might need a backup or a 40 inch press that you can TRUST – WTP! is your California wholesale printing services solution!

Expertise and Service that is second to none!

When you call WTP! you speak to a person who has many years of print experience and many more years of experience in the shop that they can get answers from to help you with your most complex project. Even our accounting department is staffed by people with printing background. If we can’t help you – no one can!

Consistent, Repeatable Color and Quality.

We employ proprietary and industry standard Quality Control Process to ensure the most consistent, repeatable wholesale printing services in California. Based in the Central Valley effectively serving San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento and all of Southern California, Northern California and beyond. One of the reasons that WTP! is so late at getting into the gang run offerings was figuring out how we could embrace the opportunities to put multiple jobs on a form without sacrificing quality. Today, we are proud to announce that we have done that by using some of the methods that you can read more about on our sustainability page.

Business / Program Development

WTP is dedicated to your success 100%. WTP will work directly with you to develop custom programs designed to meet your specific needs where required. We are big enough to deliver the most complex project, but we are small enough to work closely with you and your team to provide solutions. Strong! Flexible! Motivated!

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G7 Certified in Color Contract Proofing, Electrophotographic – Dry Ink (Toner) and Offset - Commercial Sheetfed Productionl Western Trade Printing is California’s only printer certified in all three of these categories! One of only 20 in the USA! That is to say that when you use WTP, you are working with a printer that is going to deliver accurate and consistent color,while minimizing waste throughout the printing process from proof to delivery. To learn more about G7and what it means to you and your customers.

WTP! has obtained certification in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody Standards. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization that promotes the responsible management of the world's forests. By adhering to practices listed in our FSC certification, we are a vital link in a "chain of custody" which ensures that forest products (in our case, paper) can be traced from their final manufactured product all the way back to the well-managed forests from which the raw materials were harvested.

Lean & Clean: The Responsible Way to Print!

In addition to our many green certifications, we've also put into practice the principle of "Lean Manufacturing." This approach to manufacturing is inherently "green, and involves using modern technology and consumables to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. WTP! has implemented lean & clean manufacturing in several ways:
  • An all-digital, color-managed workflow has eliminated the need for costly & wasteful proofing systems.
  • Digitally imaged printing plates are developed in our "Chem-free" processor which uses only non-toxic processing fluids that have a longer lifespan than traditional, more toxic chemicals.
  • Computerized press controls deliver accurate color fast, minimizing make-ready waste and allowing us to tightly monitor quality and consistency throughout the print run.
  • Digital print capabilities for short-run jobs allow us to print only the quantity needed. In addition to the best quality available, our HP Indigo press offers non-toxic, long-lifespan consumables and uses considerably less energy than competing technologies.
  • Computerized bindery equipment reduces waste and minimizes errors.
We invite you to discover how WTP!'s certified green, lean & clean services can help bring sustainability and value to your printing today!

Our Inks

WTP! uses soy and other vegetable-based inks that are less harmful to the environment than their petroleum-based counterparts. Soy and vegetable products are used in ink for their oils, which act as the vehicle for the ink pigments. There are several types of vegetable-based printing inks, including linseed (Flax), tung (Chinawood), castor, canola, and safflower. Soy is popular because it is a very stable material that exhibits excellent "wetting" properties which enhance its ability to carry solid pigments. Most manufacturers of soy and vegetable based inks today actually "blend" ingredients, much in the way a winemaker will blend grapes, in order to take advantage of the unique characteristics of each oil.

Our Papers

All of our paper and synthetic offerings are recyclable and you can freely print the recyclable logo on your printed projects.

WTP! only purchases quality paper and synthetics that are responsibly manufactured to exceed USA regulations. Because of this, our house stocks are typically a higher quality sheet than most of the imported sheets that are being used today.

We also provide a wide range of premium and/or recycled sheets for your higher end custom projects.