Tips for Commercial Printing and Quick Printing Companies

Below are articles on how to make your printing operation more profitable and manageable.

In them we share what we've learned from our decades of experience at managing a trade printing business.

As a provider of wholesale printing services, we have a unique perspective. We've watched first-hand how hundreds of commercial and quick printing companies are succeeding - or failing - in our demanding industry.

And while we NEVER share any client information, our vantage point gives us insight as to what's working today, and what's not.

Commercial printing business tips


4 Ways to Use a Trade Printer as ‘Bail Out’ Insurance

The right trade printing partnership can bail you out of some sticky logistical situations, especially in this deadline-driven industry.

Here are four examples.

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How to Sell More Graphic Design Services

You’re already doing graphic design work for your clients. Why not offer additional graphics service based on work you've already done?

Here are four ways to do that.

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How to Deal With Shipping Delays in the Print Industry

Although it might feel like there is nothing we can do to control what shipping companies do with our jobs once they go out the door, there are a few tactics that businesses are using today to minimize logistical problems.

Here are four tips to deal with shipping delays and logistical problems in printing.

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Use These Hidden Mailing Discounts to Grow Revenues

There are at least two “hidden” discount opportunities in bulk mail pricing that, used correctly, can generate significant revenue for your printing business.

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2 Tips to Prevent the “Your Job is Late” Phone Call

Combine expectations of same-day and next-day delivery with paper and supplies shortages, and you have a recipe for dissatisfied clients. Here are two tips for managing on-time job completion.

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Are You a Printing '1-Percenter'?

99% of printing mistakes happen because of this ONE thing. How to avoid the trap so you can get premium pricing.

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An Ironclad Proofing Strategy That Wards Off the Dreaded Reprint

It's the most important step in the printing process, yet it's the one most taken for granted. Here's a solid strategy to prevent printing mistakes and reprints.

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How Does Our G7® Methodology Help to Grow Your Business?

Your client probably doesn't care how a job is printed. They DO care that it's delivered exactly as expected.

Here's how our G7® methodology can ensure your customers get exactly what they expect.

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Overcoming the "Price is Too High" Objection

The truth behind the 'price is too high' objection and how to get past it.

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Do This One Thing After You Submit a Bid to Close More Sales

The opportunity to get a better price doesn't end when you submit your bid. There is one more thing you can do after you submit your quote.

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A Challenge to Increase Business During Your Slow Months

This proven, fast way to grow revenues is much easier than you think.

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The Latest in Paper Quality Issues and What to Do About Them

A strategy to cope with paper quality and paper supply issues.

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An Old Saying That Can Help You Sell More Direct Mail Printing

This simple mantra can help you increase the value of each direct mail project.

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When Your Client Says “Wow” for the Wrong Reasons – How to Avoid Shipping Nightmares

What to do when your client says "Wow!" because their printing shipment is late or damaged.

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Top Print Buyers for 2022 Reveal Latest Sales Opportunities

In the annual Printing Impressions Top 100 Print Buyers for 2022, printing industry forecaster Vincent Mallardi lists three sectors that, according to his analysis, are more willing to accept higher prices due to rising costs in consumables and labor.

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Paper Shortages in the Printing Industry - a Plan for On-Time Job Completion

When the world is short of everything, this back up plan can keep your production schedule on track.

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Print Productivity vs. Efficiency - A New Way to Think About Output?

We're trained to think about productivity...impressions per day or sheets per hour. What if that thinking is only half the picture?

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