Practical Examples of Expert Vendor Support that Make Life Easier

In our many years working with excellent vendors here at WTP, we learned two important things. First, a great vendor makes our internal operations and processes much smoother. Second, good vendors bring substantial opportunities for growth and profitability.

Good vendor partnerships make it possible to grow faster. They are cost-efficient because we get access to expertise without having to go through a costly learning curve by doing it ourselves. They give us access to data and insights that streamline operations. They expand our reach via networking and joint marketing opportunities.

Below are two examples of how many of these benefits can come together when you find a good vendor.

examples of expert vendor support


Freight Broker Vendor

Anthony Photopoulos is an account specialist with freight broker Priority-1. They do some amazing things for WTP that demonstrate many of the benefits of working with top-notch vendors. Here are a few ways they benefit WTP.

✔️ Full truckloads, for example, from City of Industry to Fresno for $785 or a 10,000 lb box van for $685.

✔️ Same day deliveries throughout southern California at remarkably good prices.

✔️ Deliveries throughout and into all of California.

✔️ 99% on-time delivery rate.

✔️ Real time tracking with their easy-to-use proprietary web interface.

✔️ Live quotes with 100 LTL carriers and drivers in 48 states.

✔️ Freight throughout the US and international for 1 pallet up through 40 foot containers.

I really can’t say enough about the level of service that Anthony provides. He is super responsive and if anything ever goes “bump,” he is on top of it with accurate information.

Their knowledge, expertise, technology, and extensive network means that we don't have to spend hours a day finding good freight quotes and making dozens of phone calls to track shipments. It means we benefit from their buying power. It means we spend more time doing work that is profitable, and less time being aggravated by shipping delays and under-performing freight carriers.

You can reach Anthony in his Fresno office at 559-981-5224 or at Priority-1.

Marketing Services Vendor

André Palko specializes in creating digital and offline content for companies that want an assist in growing their revenues and profit margins. He is the founder of Success Publishing & Marketing and its website, The Small Business Rainmaker.

He also had a career in the printing industry. He started out packing boxes in a NYC commercial printing company and worked his way up to supervisor, running all types of bindery equipment. He also managed a small commercial printing company for a while. Later, he co-founded Technifold USA, Inc. an Inc. 5000 company that specializes in specialty creasing, cutting, and perforating equipment for the industry. Along the way, he picked up valuable marketing skills that led to him starting his current business.

All of us who work at printing companies know the difficulty of finding time to do everything that needs doing. This is especially true of marketing tasks, which can involve intensive work.

I found an efficient solution with André.

I often joke that our collaboration works like this—I dump a load of data or ideas on André, and he comes back with usable content.

Yet since I hired him to manage my eMarketing, our content has never been more professional. He put in the time to get to know me, my company, and our target audience in a way that I never believed possible. 

Our collaboration accomplished several thing over the years we've worked together.

✔️ Increased WTP's local online presence on page one search results and website traffic

✔️ Established a regular enewsletter which routinely gets favorable response

✔️ Created a long-term followup email campaign for prospects

✔️ Nearly doubled the open rate on email communications

✔️ Created a series of case studies for use online and in a direct mail campaign

✔️ Created dozens of pages of new content and resources for the website

✔️ Updated and optimized our social media channels

✔️ Published articles on WTP's behalf on various publications for additional exposure and valuable back links

✔️ Distributed press releases

In short, our collaboration improved our lead generation and new customer acquisition efforts in a way that I simply could not have handled myself. We realize more consistent interest in our business than ever. The combination of André's marketing experience and in-depth, hands-on printing expertise makes him a unique asset in our industry.

You can set up a marketing call with André here on his site or call him direct at 973-314-1215.

The Value of Vendor Services

The above are but two examples of how good vendor services can help a company grow faster and more profitably. We work with several other vendors that help us to help you succeed.

And as a vendor to the industry, WTP is equally committed to being the trade printing partner that can help your printing business grow in ways you might not have considered.

For a quote on your latest project, call our estimating department at 559-251-8595 ext. 1.

Or get an instant quote here online.

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