You Probably Already Know...

As you probably know, WTP made a decision early on in the paper supply crisis to suspend the majority of our Web2Print offerings (gang run items specifically) in order to be better equipped to provide solutions for your more critical jobs.

Today, we are going to begin stepping back into that market, but due to the ongoing supply chain issues and inability to secure commitments from suppliers on particular stock weights, finishes and sizes, we will be operating our gang run program a bit differently than we have in the past in order to better provide uninterrupted order fulfillment with the absolute highest quality and service in the industry.

I’m sure that you have seen the strategy from the Big Box shops where they are limiting quantities and keeping you under X amount per order. Of course, you can order X x 5 and that is okay, but what that supports is the fact that they want order volume and this is really an underhanded method of raising prices on larger jobs and a huge inconvenience to you, the customer..

Here at WTP our strategy is 180 degrees of that of the big box shops... WE WANT YOUR LARGER JOBS THAT ARE MORE CRITICAL TO YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS... We, like you, would prefer to do fewer jobs at higher dollar amounts. As we open our site back up to online ordering, you are going to see this strategy reflected in our pricing as well as in every other aspect of our business. Jobs over 1000.00 +/- have been priced to be highly competitive with the big box shops. The higher you go in dollar volume the more competitive we are in most cases. However your orders under 1000.00 +/- we are not necessarily going to be the lowest price when comparing to the big box Web2Print sites.

In ramping this program up, we have some things to bring to your attention and to keep in mind:

  1. Order the quantity that you need for your project.
    1. Variable quantities available on almost all our online products often saving customers hundreds of dollars in waste or more. This also conserves paper.
  2. Realistic and accurate turn times.
    1. Our 5 day turnaround is actually the same number of working days as Brand Z’s 4 day because we count your approval day if before 1pm PST.
  3. We are leading with 100 Gloss Text and Cover, but we will be utilizing both Gloss and Dull Stocks interchangeably (at our discretion and as inventory allows) to keep up with demand and be better equipped to provide solutions.
    1. If your customer requires a specific stock, finish and coating, please request a custom quotation and do not use the online quoting/ordering for such projects.
    2. 14 Point Fans – 100 Gloss Cover is considerably less paper and by using less paper you are helping the supply chain issues and cutting down on the total amount of paper used on your project. You are helping the planet.
  4. We will NOT mix stocks in a single order/run.
    1. While we may use gloss on job and dull on another, we will not mix paper within a single job.
  5. Currently we are offering Satin AQ (Semi Gloss) and Flood Gloss UV (Card Stock Only) in the gang run program
    1. Booklets  have a full range of options currently available. Subject to stock on hand.
  6. Orders under 500.00 will be produced either digitally or offset depending on current volume and available stock inventory at our discretion. 
    1. If your order is under 500.00 and your customer must have offset printing, please request a custom quotation and do not use the online quoting/ordering for such projects.

Remember, we are NOT a “gang run shop”. We are a quality trade only shop that offers some “gang run” solutions to our customers that expect the same level of quality and service for their gang run work as they do with their most critical custom order.