WTP News and Info - Gloss or Dull?

The question:Do you find that images print better if you run on a gloss stock and then apply a satin or dull AQ?   

The answer:  Gloss Stock with our specially formulated Matte AQ is arguably one of the best “soft finish” combinations for the money.  

Almost all of our easy to order Web2Print products are printed on gloss coated Text, Cover and C2S Board stock with either Gloss or Matte AQ. We offer this combination for a great price too. Our Catalogs, Booklets and of course Custom Job Requests offer a much wider range of paper and coating combinations! 

Although a subjective opinion, we have proven to ourselves and to many of our existing customers that we get much sharper, crisper printing on the gloss stock (especially in ¾ tones). Then, we soften the print with the Matte Coating, which gives you not only a beautiful piece, but your customers who prefer “soft” finishes will fall in love with the Gloss/Matte combination.

The goal is to give you something to offer your customer that will make them stand out and in turn, make them yours forever.

This “soft finish” technique is a unique differentiator that instantly distinguishes your company in a crowded online marketplace and against fly-by-night offerings that can’t possibly measure up.

My personal favorites, in order of preference are:

  • Soft Touch AQ on Gloss Stock w/Spot UV - $$$$ (Custom Quote/Project)
  • Soft Touch AQ on Gloss Stock - $$$ (Custom Quote/Project)
  • Matte AQ on Gloss Stock w/Spot UV - $$$ (Custom Quote/Project)
  • Matte AQ on Gloss Stock - $ (Web2Print and Bob’s Go To)
  • Satin or Matte AQ on Silk or Dull Stock - $$ (Custom Quote/Project)
  • Gloss AQ on Gloss Stock - $ (Web2Print)
  • Gloss UV on Gloss Cover Stock - $$

As you can see, I prefer the softer finishes and I am a value shopper. I will almost always go for the middle price since more often than not, that is the highest overall value and will differentiate me from my competitors.  

Personally, I am not a fan of Flood Gloss UV. Not only does it make your printed paper non-recyclable, but in my humble opinion it has been “cheapened” by over-use and has no positive impact in todays market. Put a flood gloss piece next to a flood Soft Touch piece…which one gets your attention? 

An Extraordinary Offer

I am so confident that your clients will love this combination, that I am offering you 1000 FREE Postcards, Business Cards, or Flyers printed on any of our house stocks with Matte Finish. 

To do a fair comparison, you can send over a job that has already been run elsewhere (or by us on a custom order) and compare to your own samples. If you agree with me that this is a superior print process, share it with your customers and promote it honestly as something you have "discovered" to help them stand out. 

Then, let’s get you the tools you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors and turn your customers into clients for life!

1. Select 1000 Postcards (6 X 11 or smaller), 1000 Flyers or Brochures (8.5 x 11 or smaller) or 1000 Business Cards with Matte Finish. 

2. Upload your art, select your shipping address (I am even going to pay the shipping!) and place your order into your shopping cart

3. Call or Email to let me know and I will go in and complete your FREE ORDER while you sit back and enjoy your favorite beverage!