How to Sell More Graphic Design Services

You’re already doing graphic design work for your clients. Why not offer additional graphics service based on work you've already done?

In other words, re-purpose existing content for other channels.

Revenue Growth Tip - Selling More Graphic Design Services in Your Print Shop

how to sell more graphic design services in a print shop


Here are four examples.

1 - Format images for all their social channels.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and all the others each have specific image size requirements for headers, posts/updates and profile pictures.

If the work you're doing is relevant to their social campaign, create the properly sized images for each channel.

2 - Create animated GIFs.

If they have video content, you can easily create animated GIFs for them to use on their social channels. Use Photoshop or an online service like GIPHY.

3 - Create 3D images or mockups from 2D graphics.

You don't need CAD software. Use Photoshop or any of a number of online graphics services such as Boxshot.

4 - Social media graphics package

This could be as simple as a series of 30 custom images, (or 60 or 90) branded with your client’s name/url and logo, sized for sharing on their primary social media channel.

You can get content from their FAQ’s, tips pages, website pages or blog.

Another option: create a generic series of graphics based on an industry vertical that you serve. The printing industry image below is from our weekly email newsletter.

print catalog recipients visit website

These graphics could be a mix of motivational quotes, marketing tips, or niche-specific tips. You’d only have to create them once.

Then when the client buys the graphics package, your only task is to add their company name, url or logo to each image, which is a breeze in Photoshop.

This gives your client lots of fresh, new and engaging content to use on any of their social channels.

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