WTP News and Info - How Does Our G7® Methodology Help to Grow Your Business?

Your customer probably doesn’t care about the details of how their job is printed. They DO however, care that it looks exactly the way you promised it would, and that it’s what they expected.
Color is a subjective topic during the design phase. What’s pleasing to one person can be awful to another. Nevertheless, at some point during this phase, color decisions are made.
The problem is, once a job heads to the print shop, too many clients let subjectivity dictate what happens once it gets to press. There is not necessarily a system in place and color approval is at the mercy of one or more individuals.
And that’s when the problem takes on an uncontrollable life of its own. It can lead to endless press approvals, rejected jobs, dissatisfied clients and lost customers.
The good news is there IS a methodology to prevent a job from spinning out of control due to color or design issues.
 printing methodology for consistent color


A Print Methodology That Will Grow Your Business


Unless you're new to printing, you probably know about G7® Color Standards for printing.
In short, G7® is Idealliance’s set of specs that ensures you get the same print appearance and color across all devices, processes, substrates and inks.
G7® does several things to help your customer succeed, and in turn, keep them happy with your services.

  • It ensures color consistency
  • It reduces turnaround times, proofing costs, waste, and make-ready time
  • It makes it possible to communicate accurately about color across multiple organizations

If it sounds complex, it is.
But you don't have to worry about becoming G7® Certified to provide this level of expertise to your clients.
Western Trade Printing adheres to a strict G7® methodology in color contract proofing, digital on-demand and commercial sheetfed printing.
I can show you how to use G7® expertise to attract and most importantly, keep, the kind of clients who will keep you in business for the long haul. Just give me a call at 559-251-8595 ext. 411.
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