Do This One Thing After You Submit a Printing Bid to Close More Sales

Last week we talked about ways to add value to overcome a price objection.
When we prepare a quote, it makes sense to point out ALL the value we provide and address any concerns before the price is submitted.
But the search for opportunity doesn’t stop when you hit the Send button.

How to Find More Opportunity After You Submit a Printing Bid

You can often find more opportunities to highlight your value after the bid is submitted, especially with complex jobs. To accomplish this requires a review call or meeting as a fundamental part of the process.
In Stand Out From the Pack: 7 Reasons to Discuss Your Proposals, Kimberly Myers quotes Gartner research saying, “when B2B buyers are considering a purchase‚ they spend only 17% of that time meeting with potential suppliers. When buyers are comparing multiple suppliers‚ the amount of time spent with any one sales rep may be only 5% or 6%.”
B2B projects can be complex, time sensitive and involve an average of six to ten decision makers. In other words, a lot of NEW concerns, needs and objections can pop up AFTER you submit the quote.
Also hidden in this list of new concerns might be the opportunity for additional business that may not have been apparent during the first round of talks.
When quote follow-up is scheduled into the sales process, you can address all their needs and not miss out on new job opportunities.
One of the benefits of working with WTP is that we can walk with you through any bid process, from the simple to the complicated.
We’ll help you address any objections that arise as well as to capture opportunities you might not have considered.
We help you land that new account with the right pricing. We will match specs. We will meet or beat delivery times.


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