Paper Shortages in the Printing Industry - a Plan for On-Time Job Completion

You could say the title of this recent article sums up manufacturing (and life) today: The World Is Still Short of Everything. Get Used to It.

All of us in printing are acutely aware of shortages in paper, supplies and labor.

Yet every challenge also presents us with opportunities.

The things we’re doing here at WTP to deal with these shortages are an opportunity for you.

Our continued 98% on-time job completion rate is proof that we’re on the right track.

Allow me to explain.

When the World is Short of Everything – One Fast Solution for Printers Today

paper shortages in the printing industry


First, we had to step outside our comfort zone. The things we took for granted for years are a thing of the past.

For example, it used to take 10 minutes to order our paper. Now we need a minimum of 30 minutes to check stock, seek suitable alternatives or substitutions, go back and forth with several communications to minimize any potential disruption from a supplier.

I’m sure you, too, are spending far more time on sourcing supplies than was typical in years past.

Secondly, we didn’t just wait to “see what happens,” or for things to return to normal.

Alan Holland, CEO of Keelvar, a company that makes supply chain software, says in the article,

“Everybody should be assuming we are going to have an extended period of disruptions.”

Economists are saying that normalcy is at least one to two years away.

So, we implemented a pro-active stance with all our vendors to protect our clients.

For example, while we occasionally have isolated issues in getting certain stocks, we aligned ourselves with a core group of suppliers. Each has different strengths and weaknesses, and even some overlapping strengths.

This strategic positioning is a first line of defense that keeps us supplied with paper and keeps your jobs running smoothly and on time.

Next, we put in the time – EVERY DAY – to manage this new normal of extended shortages. There is no one-and-done solution to the current situation.

Instead of whining and complaining, we actively manage the challenges to keep you looking great for your clients.

And guess what?


What This Means to You

Whether shortages are affecting your operation or not, make sure you have WTP in place as your backup plan, as insurance for an extended shortage problem.

  • Don’t wait to see what happens! That’s not a plan—it’s a blueprint for disruption as you watch vendors set the agenda for your company.
  • If you’re having trouble sourcing supplies for one particular job, get in touch. We can help.
  • If you’re tired of the daily headache of micro-managing shortages, use WTP as a secondary production facility, to handle more jobs on a regular basis.

It is very likely that we have not seen the worst of the challenges coming at us, but this I can tell you – WTP is putting in the work to stay as far ahead of these challenges as possible!

You have enough “other” challenges to deal with. We are here to make your print buying predictable and consistent so that you never disappoint your clients.

When you work with us, print buying could turn out to be the easiest part of your day!

Reach out to me any time. Call me direct at 559-251-8595 ext. 411 or reply to this email.

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