Print Training Resource for Your New Employees and Clients

When we’ve worked in printing for some time, it’s easy to forget how much information we had to learn in the beginning.

It can be overwhelming for newcomers to the print industry. To function successfully, employers and clients alike need a basic understanding of the terminology that we take for granted.

One way to do this without having to sit and explain everything one-on-one is to have them review a good collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs.)

For example, every new employee here at WTP reviews our FAQs as part of their introduction to the company and our processes.

FAQs as an Employee and Client Training Resource


FAQ dropdown menu for print training


You can do the same for your employees, or for new clients who need an introduction to the industry.

If you don’t have your own FAQs, you can take advantage of our FAQ section.

It’s an intentionally generic and non-promotional design so that our clients can comfortably use it. It covers all the standard printing production questions and gives the newcomer a solid overview of industry terms.

We cover the following categories:

Binding methods – 12 most common methods of print binding with definitions and examples.

Bleed – Definition and illustrated examples of bleed requirements.

Dot Gain – Definitions of the types of dot gain and problems to avoid.

Paper Folding Methods – A primer with illustrations.

Paper Sizes – There is probably nothing more confusing to a novice in our industry than the paper size classification system. To add to the confusion, there are ISO standards and North American standards. Use these illustrations of each standard, which include measurements, to take away the mystery and give them a reference that can use any time.

Paper Stock Grades, Finish and Weights – In addition to paper sizes, they’ll need to understand the basic grades, weights, and finishes.

Paper Coatings – A primer on coated and uncoated papers along with basic finishes and coatings.

Collating & Slip Sheeting – Definitions and illustrations of what these terms mean and how they’re used in print finishing.

Sheets vs. Pages – a graphic illustration of two essential terms so often misunderstood and misused by industry newcomers.

3 Ways to Use FAQs As Training

1 – Send them a welcome email with links to each category, similar to what you see on this page.

2 – Get on a Zoom call with them and walk them through each section. That way you can personally answer other questions as they arise.

3 – Make a screen recording of you doing a short explanation of how to find and use the FAQs. In your welcome email, include a link to the video and links to each category. The benefit here is that you do the recording once and use it repeatedly.

Any of these three ways demonstrate the additional high value you offer clients and the support you offer employees. It’s one more way to solidify your relationship with both.

Have more questions not answered in our FAQs? Contact us with your questions and we’ll add them!

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