Top Print Buyers for 2022 Reveal Latest Sales Opportunities

print sales opportunity

In the current inflationary environment, which markets are most willing to accept higher prices?

In the annual Printing Impressions Top 100 Print Buyers for 2022, printing industry forecaster Vincent Mallardi lists three sectors that, according to his analysis, are more willing to accept higher prices due to rising costs in consumables and labor.

These print sales opportunities are in the fields of:

  1. Logistics/Freight
  2. Food and Beverages
  3. Health

Among the entire PI-100 list of top printing companies, Medical/Pharma is forecast to account for 15.1% of print demand, Packaged Foods for 11.8%, Personal Care for 8.3%, and Telecom for 7.9%.

The #1 print buyer is the US Postal Service with it’s $2 billion print demand.

This includes labels, packaging, displays, signage, forms, greeting cards, stationery and ad materials for it’s more than 34,000 post offices.

In 2022 they will also be buying graphics for its 165,000 next-generation delivery vehicles.

At spots 2-5 are:

  • Pepsico International at $1.77 billion
  • at $1.35 billion
  • Procter & Gamble at $1.34 billion
  • Johnson & Johnson at $1.33 billion

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