How to Use Print for Virtual Meetings

Show Your Clients How to Use Print to Enhance Their Company’s Work-from-Home Productivity


Virtual meetings are destined to continue, with many companies adopting permanent work-from-home environments for some or all their staff.

Here’s a way for your clients to use print to make their online meetings far more productive.

how to use print for virtual meetings

Conventional meeting prep has long included a physical packet sent in advance so attendees can get up to speed on agenda items and arrive ready to discuss. Of course, last year nearly everything moved online.
An article on Forbes found that companies are getting more creative in trying to get and keep the attention of virtual meeting attendees. It happens to involve a return to print.
A customized pre-meeting pack is sent via snail mail a day or so ahead of an important online meeting, Forbes reported. It can include a mix of snacks, accessories, stationery, agendas and other relevant supporting material.
The packs are an uncommon and effective real-world touch in a digitally-dominated world.
Forbes adds that these packs offer an opportunity for joint ventures among local businesses. For example, companies could partner with local sponsors to fill these meeting swag boxes.
Meeting packages can also provide a little morale boost with personalized stickers. They might also include a small note of encouragement, a thank you note, or motivational quotations along with meeting munchies and materials to review. One company even sent out conversation paddles, which attendees hold up to express an opinion or reaction during a video call.

If your clients are reliant on virtual meetings, it can pay to have a ready-made meeting package to offer them.