2 Tips to Prevent Late Deliveries of Your Print Jobs

We know that consumers today are accustomed to getting same day and next day delivery.

Like it or not, and as unreasonable as it might be for a complex printing job, this “Amazon think” filters into manufacturing environments like printing.

Mix that expectation in with the ongoing paper and supplies shortages, and you have a recipe for a growing number of dissatisfied customers.

The situation can also affect the bottom line. Under pressure from customers, it’s common for printers to work overtime to get caught up. And those hours are often not billable.

Plus, one late job can easily cascade into several late jobs, and even more unhappy customers.

Fortunately, there are two ways to reduce (or even eliminate) the number of “your-job-is-late” calls you have to make.

Ensuring On-Time Print Job Completion

on time completion of printing jobs


First—manage client expectations right from the start.

Clear milestones and good client communication are essential to any print production workflow. And most shops have a common-sense, workable system in place.

But with today’s widespread logistical problems and delays, it’s important to set realistic expectations from the start.

Once a job is in production, the key is to communicate the moment you know there is a deviation that will blow a deadline.

Second—expand the resources available to help you when emergencies arise.

That’s why a trade printing company can be one of the best allies you’ll ever have.

The significant logistical resources at our disposal can be yours when you need them. It’s almost like having a spare print facility in your back pocket that can:

  • Deliver jobs faster (gives you a cushion to deal with shipping and supplier delays)
  • Handle work that interferes with your primary production
  • Bail you out of production problems
  • Get new customers with expanded capacity
  • Sell more to existing customers.

The key, however, is to plan ahead.

Then, when an emergency or production problem appears, you’re ready with a solid plan.

It’s like having print production insurance. It’s a backup for those times when equipment breaks down, suppliers don’t deliver, or employee absences take a toll on your production and upset your customers.

Let’s talk about how our resources can complement yours so you can prevent that next late job.

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