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Western Trade Printing (WTP) has in-house perfect binding and book printing equipment to produce a wide range of perfect bound books for commercial printers, quick printers, print brokers, and agencies.

perfect binding and book printing in CA

Key Benefits of In-House Perfect Binding and Book Printing at WTP

There are several compelling benefits to partnering with Western Trade Printing on your next perfect bound book job.

Rapid Turnaround

One of the key benefits of WTP's in-house perfect binding and printing service is rapid turnaround on short to medium quantities. WTP's digital and offset printing capability, combined with in-house perfect binding, means clients can economically print small to medium quantities of books from a few pieces up through a few thousand. This capacity allows for rapid turnaround, variable data capability, and high quality products produced with WTP's use of G7® print methodology.

Competitive Wholesale Pricing (Trade Only)

An equally important benefit of WTP's in-house print and binding production is competitive pricing. Producing printed books in a streamlined process under one roof means that you get better pricing and bigger margins.

Additionally, WTP works ONLY with print resellers. Unlike other commercial printers who offer trade services, we never sell to an end user. Our clients are only commercial printers, quick printers, print brokers, and agencies. There will never be a conflict of interest. It also means that since we are trade-only, a retail customer will never take priority over your job.

In-house capability also means better control over your project, with fewer chances for logistics and shipping mistakes to sabotage even the most well-planned perfect binding project.

For companies that produce their own book blocks (pre-gathered, collated sheets or signatures), WTP can do short-run perfect binding at competitive trade binding prices.

Sustainability at WTP

WTP uses G7® methodology to promote sustainability through minimal waste from proofing through delivery.

WTP works in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody Standards.

WTP practices lean manufacturing with its digital workflow, computerized press and bindery controls, digital printing, and use of non-toxic long-life consumables.

WTP uses soy and vegetable inks whenever possible along with a range of economy and premium recycled papers and synthetics manufactured to exceed USA regulations and quality.

Advantages of the Perfect Bound Book Printing Process

advantages of perfect bound book printing

The perfect binding process itself has its own advantages compared to other book binding methods.

Perfect binding is often a better alternative than trying to print and bind thick saddle-stitched books. Generally, if a saddle-stitched book is thicker than about ¼", problems start to occur in the stitching process. Nicks and tears at the top and bottom of the spine can start to appear, depending on the paper stock and book thickness.

Internal margins on saddle-stitched books may vary substantially if page creep isn't properly compensated for in the design process. In perfect bound books, margin creep does not exist.

Saddle stitched book pages must be laid out in multiples of 4 pages at a time. Perfect bound book pages can be laid out 2 pages at a time.

Perfect bound books generally are more in alignment with brands that offer premium, high-end products or services and want their marketing materials to match their branding.

Types of Print Products Suitable for Perfect Binding Available at WTP

Western Trade Printing offers a wide variety of print products suitable for this binding method, including:




✔️Annual Reports

✔️Sports Programs


✔️Training Manuals

✔️Soft cover paperback books

WTP's short-run perfect binding capability makes it easy for print clients of all sizes to enter the publications market. Such a capability can open up significant new revenue streams from existing or new clients. It can also open up markets in new niches that you may not be currently covering.

Where to Buy Perfect Binding and Book Printing Services in CA

Western Trade Printing facility in Fresno CA


To get a perfect binding quote, contact Western Trade Printing's estimating department at 559-251-8595 ext. 1.

Or you can also get a free no-obligation quote here on the WTP customer portal. You’ll need to know your options for paper, size, number of pages, quantity, and any other special print or finishing options.

Areas Served by Western Trade Printing

Western Trade Printing produces perfect bound books from their Fresno, CA facility. WTP serves the San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento areas as well as all of Southern California, Northern California and beyond.

WTP’s Perfect Binding Process

perfect binding at Western Trade Printing

There are two ways to take advantage of this printing and binding service.

1 – Send WTP the entire job and they will print, collate, bind, and trim or,

2 – Send them your printed book blocks (pre-gathered, collated sheets or signatures) and they will do the perfect binding and trimming.

Mailing and fulfillment options are also available for all perfect binding jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions – Perfect Binding

Here are a few common questions about perfect binding and perfect bound books.

How much does perfect binding cost?

Nailing down the exact cost of perfect binding isn’t cut-and-dried. Factors like paper type, size, quantity, and extra finishes can affect the price. It’s best to request a custom quote for an accurate estimate.

What is perfect bound book printing?

Perfect bound book printing is an adhesive binding technique in which pages attach with glue to a paper cover’s spine. This creates a book with a flat, professional finish. Paperback books, also called softcover books, are an example of a perfect bound book.

What paper is best for perfect bound books?

Perfect bound books typically make use of sturdy, uncoated (offset) paper or matte paper. These papers adhere well with the glues used in perfect binding. Gloss paper can also be used although they usually require a different glue. Covers on all perfect bound books are usually printed on a heavier cover stock for durability. Paper choice also depends on the design and purpose of the book. As with all print projects, plan a perfect bound book from the finish and work your way backwards to avoid binding and printing issues.

How do I handle bleed in perfect bound books?

If there are pages with images that bleed, a standard 1/8" bleed is acceptable. Also, be sure to add in the required grind-off area at the spine. Check with us before laying out your job.

Is there a difference between a perfect bound book and a soft cover book?

The terms soft cover book, paperback book, and perfect bound book are used interchangeably. Perfect binding is the industry's technical term for how the book is bound. In this type of binding, glue is applied to a set of collated sheets (the book block) and a paper cover is attached and wrapped around the block. After gluing, the block is trimmed on 3 sides to make the final book product.

What is the minimum thickness for a perfect bound book?

A rule of thumb is that perfect bound books must be a minimum of 1/8" thick to be bound. However, binding equipment varies so it's important to check with your printer or bindery during the planning stage.

Do perfect bound books lay flat?

No, perfect bound books do not lay flat. A special 'lay flat binding' binding method is required for books to lay flat without breaking the spine.

How do I get a quote for a perfect bound book?

To get a quote on books or any other print job, contact Western Trade Printing's estimating department at 559-251-8595 ext. 1.

Or you can also get a quote here on the WTP customer portal. You’ll need to know your options for paper, size, number of pages, quantity, and any other special print or finishing options.