4 Ways to Use a Trade Printer as ‘Bail Out’ Insurance

Bail outs.

It seems that if a company is big enough and it messed up badly enough, it can probably get a financial helping hand from the government.

So, what about small companies?

First, we have to do our best to stay healthy and keep growing.

Second, we can turn to each other to ensure we have a solid network of business partners to keep things running smoothly. And if things get tough, we can turn to our network to bail us out of sticky situations.

Western Trade Printing can be a valuable asset in your network.

4 Ways WTP Can Be Your Growth Partner and ‘Bail Out’ Insurance

Here are four ways we can help you stay healthy and keep growing, and maybe bail you out if you get into a print production jam.

1 – When jobs aren’t as profitable as you need them to be.

Outsourcing to WTP can give you higher profit margins on in-house jobs that are marginal.

Before you turn them away or lose them to a competitor, make a list of these marginal jobs. Then get pricing from us.

Get your quotes here, or reply to this email with your specs and I’ll take care of it.

You might be able to turn them into profitable jobs.

2 – When jobs aren’t suited for your equipment.

There are two compelling reasons why you might want to do work that’s not suited for your equipment.

One, you don’t want to say “No” to a good customer.

Two, you want to grow your revenues without investing in new equipment or staff.

3 – When jobs are beyond your staff’s skill level.

In today’s labor market, it’s tougher than ever to get help. And when you can find help, they might not have the experience or skills needed for a complex job.

You can always turn to our skilled, experienced staff as you would your own. Even our accounting department is staffed by people with a printing background!

We live and breathe printing.

4 – When deadlines get the best of you.

If you can’t meet a non-negotiable deadline, the right trade partner can bail you out.

However, just as it is with insurance, it’s vital to have your network in place before you need them. If you haven’t already set up an account with us, you can do that here.

The trend of commercial printers partnering with trade shops is growing, and for good reason.

These printing trade partnerships increase profits, they provide new mechanisms for growth, and they offer a safety net on the downside.

Owners and decision makers are shifting their attention from putting out daily fires to developing and sustaining relationships with new customers.

A good partnership expands their capacity to nurture high-value customers. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Any questions, be sure to call me on my direct line at 559-251-8595 ext. 411.


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