Direct Mail: the Secret Weapon for Your Tech Company Clients

Tech companies today face shrinking product demand, softer consumer spending and falling market capitalization. It’s all amplified by the fierce intensity of non-stop competition.

One effective, proven way for your clients in the tech sector to stand out is with direct mail campaigns that coordinate with their digital campaigns.

Below I’ll show you why it works and offer 7 tips for direct mail campaigns for tech companies.

Why Direct Mail Printing Works for Tech Companies

It’s common for tech companies to rely on digital marketing techniques such as email, social media, and search engine optimization.

However, direct mail printing provides an opportunity for them to reach a larger audience and stand out from the competition with a tangible message.

The reasons to use direct mail are compelling, especially when it comes to direct mail ROI.

✅ The USPS found that an omni-channel approach increased leads by 53%, website visits by 68%, and response rates by 63%. (Source: The Future of Direct Mail White Paper)

Direct mail delivers the best ROI of all marketing channels.  (ANA Response Rate Report.)

  • Direct mail ROI is number one at 112%
  • SMS follows at 102%
  • Email is 93%
  • Paid search is 88%

✅ The average digital purchase decision takes more than a week, with about a third taking more than a month. Direct mail is shown to get 73% of purchase decisions to happen within one day! (Source: PebblePost and Alter Agents study.)

✅ Over 91% of promotional direct mail is opened and read. You can’t say that about email. (Source: Sequel Response Direct Mail Study)

✅ Physical mail is more likely to be kept and remembered by the recipient. The average lifespan of a direct mail piece is 17 days, versus the average email lifespan of 17 seconds.

This makes direct mail an excellent way for tech companies to expand their promotional reach, make a lasting impression, and get a superior return.

7 Tips for Successful Direct Mail Printing for Tech Clients


direct mail for tech companies

Here are seven tips to ensure your clients’ direct mail campaigns get off on the right foot.

1 - Target their audience

A good understanding of the target audience is key to effective messaging in a direct mail campaign. Also, if they’re renting a mailing list, the right demographics make for a more accurate, responsive list.

2 - Personalize their message

Personalization can improve response rates. Add the recipient's name, recent product purchases, location, or other relevant details to make it more engaging.

3 - Offer a compelling call to action

The purpose of every direct mail piece should be clear to the recipient. It always needs a strong, specific call to action. This could for example, be a phone call, a web form registration, a website visit, or an in-store visit.

4 - Make it visually appealing

As with digital marketing, marketers have only seconds to grab the recipient’s attention and keep them engaged. It must be visually appealing. Use high-quality printing along with unique graphics and imagery to create an engaging, responsive piece.

5 - Use tracking and analysis

Track the results of every direct mail campaign so the client knows what's working and what's not. Use this information to refine strategy and make improvements for future campaigns. Some ways to track direct mail include promo codes, special phone numbers, special landing pages, personalized URLs, UTM tracking codes, and QR codes.

We can help you implement tracking capability on direct mail.

6 - Put in the extra effort to identify and use ALL available postage discounts

Imagine going into your client and being able to offer them hundreds or thousands of dollars in postage cost savings.

On average, we save our customers 20% on their postage costs by putting in the extra work to look for these savings.

We do that by taking advantage of two little-known bulk mail discounts—list enhancement discounts and destination entry discounts.

For example, for a nominal fee of $350, we do list enhancements and transport to a USPS closer to the mail saturation point, saving an average of $2,000 on a 25,000 unit mail campaign. What client would not want that kind of discount?

The substantial savings from these two items are significant. They can easily help you land bigger direct mail clients. Plus, they can help you get more direct mail jobs from current customers. (Call me or reply to this email for more details.)

7 - Use an omni-channel strategy

Depending on the target audience demographics, there could be several means of response included on one direct mail piece. This includes things like phone calls, emails, website visits, in-person visits, sales rep appointments, QR codes, personalized URLs and special promotional URLs.

Without a doubt, you can make a case for tech clients that direct mail print campaigns are an effective tool for standing out from the competition.

We can help you with your direct mail planning, mail discounts and implementation.

Call me direct at (559) 251-8595 x411 or reply to this email.

And be sure to use the Direct Mail Calculator when planning your next campaign.