When Your Client Says “Wow” for the Wrong Reasons – How to Avoid Shipping Nightmares

how to prevent shipping nightmares


When your client says “Wow!” after receiving a print shipment from you or your vendor, it shouldn’t be in horror.
Think how frustrating it is to get a damaged package that looks like it was dropped on your doorstep right from the airplane. It’s a bad first impression that leaves us thinking…
  • Is the product OK?
  • Wow, they really don’t care about their customers.
  • Maybe next time I’ll buy it somewhere else.
Now imagine it’s a print job worth thousands, going to your client.
Perhaps the printing and finishing is perfect. The customer loved it when they okayed it on press. Maybe it’s even delivered early.
But the pallets are broken, contents strewn around the truck. Visible damage to the boxes and content is everywhere.
Years of relationship building is undermined in one lousy shipment.
Profit on this job is gone because you know a reprint is coming. And a lifetime of future earnings from an important client is at risk, with competitors always ready to pounce.
Here at Western Trade Printing, we recognize that proper packaging and shipping is a vital link in the chain.
That’s why we take uncommon measures to ensure every one of your print projects arrives in “Wow” condition, with our 4-Point WTP! Shipping Checklist.
1 - All ground shipments are double-boxed and "H" Taped. (below)



2 - Whenever economically feasible, your project will be skid packed with corner protectors, heavy duty strapping and stretch wrapped for integrity.




3 - The shipment is then photographed and shipped "blind" from our location in your name. As an authentic trade printer, you will NEVER see the WTP! name on a shipment leaving our facility!



4 - While WTP can't control what shippers do once they pick up a job, we minimize risk by only working with top rated shipping companies.
Our pro-active stance helps us prevent shipping damage, delivery errors and late deliveries. We also work closely with our carriers to identify other potential areas of concern that the shipping industry is facing today.
In truth, no vendor is immune to shipping problems, but our 4-Point WTP! Shipping Checklist minimizes risks for our clients and yours, every day.
First impressions are everything when it comes to landing new clients. When you receive a shipment from WTP, we want your first impression to be:
"WOW! These guys really care about my project!"
And we want you to rest easy knowing that every delivery after that is as good as the first.

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