67 Ways to Promote a Business with Print

Clients forget. Quickly. Even if they love you.

Unless they're regular users of a specific product or service, they won't remember most of whatever else you offer.

That's why regular reminders of your current or new printing services are essential for repeat business from existing print clients, and for new business from prospects.

Ways to Use Print to Promote Your Business - a Comprehensive List

Below are 67 direct mail campaign ideas and other general print ideas that you can suggest to your clients.

Use this list of print marketing ideas to remind your clients of the dozens of ways you can help them succeed by including more print in their marketing efforts.

You could also use this list to create your own direct mail campaign with dozens of mailings. Each mailing could include sample items. For example, one mailing with newsletter samples, one with catalog samples, and so on.

And let's not forget some of the ways to re-purpose all this content.

  • Use the list to create a 67-part auto-responder email campaign.
  • Use the list to create 67 social media posts.
  • Use the list to create 67 Google Business Profile posts.
  • Use the list to create promotional videos.

You get the idea. Use this list for brainstorming your marketing and you should end up with enough content for an entire year!


ways to promote your business using print


1 - Appointment Reminders

Send out appointment reminders through direct mail to ensure customers don't miss important meetings or deadlines.

2 - Branded Stationery

Print stationery branded with client information and logo. This could include notepads, envelopes, pens, mugs, etc., which can be given away to customers and prospects.

3 - Branding and Packaging Redesigns

Suggest rebranding or print packaging redesigns to help clients stay current and relevant in their industry. Then create new direct mail campaigns to promote the changes.

4 - Brochures or Flyers with a Sales Letter

Print marketing collateral such as brochures, flyers, spec sheets, and price lists are used to showcase products, services, or events. Offer a free audit of your clients print assets to show them where you can help.

5 - Business Cards

Yes, business cards are still in use. Add a QR code to link to a calendar, phone call, or special offer.

6 - Calendars

Create branded and/or personalized calendars  for clients to send out as a promotional item to their customers and prospects.

7 - Case Studies

Print case studies highlighting the success stories of the company's clients. Print can be tangible evidence of the value of the company's products or services.

8 - Catalogs

Catalogs are a valuable tool for companies that sell multiple products or services. These can be sent to existing customers or potential leads to showcase offerings. You can select from saddle-stitched catalogs or for more premium products and publications, perfect bound catalogs.

9 - Co-Branded Marketing (Joint Venture Marketing)

Help your clients create co-branded marketing materials with other businesses in your clients industry or in their area. Show them how co-branding, (joint venture marketing) reaches a wider audience and drives more business at a lower cost than solo campaigns.

10 - Community Involvement

Highlight the company's involvement in the local community through direct mail by promoting charitable initiatives or events.

11 - Contests and Giveaways

Use direct mail to promote contests or giveaways, encouraging customers to engage with the brand and potentially win a prize.

12 - Copies

If you offer copy services, let all your clients know periodically.

13 - Customer Education

Create direct mail pieces that educate customers about industry trends or provide tips for how to use the company's products or services more effectively.

14 - Customer Retention Programs

Create customer retention programs to keep customers engaged and loyal to the brand. These can be promoted through direct mail.

15 - Customer Reviews

Include customer reviews or ratings on direct mail pieces to build trust and credibility with potential customers. For clients with a lot of reviews, do a multi-part campaign with different reviews on each.

16 - Customer Surveys

Send out customer surveys to gather feedback on products or services, and use this information to improve the customer experience. Use QR codes to link to the survey.

17 - Customized Packaging

Customized packaging can make their products stand out on the shelf and create a lasting impression on the customer. Any business that's using generic packaging is a good prospect for package printing. With digital printing, small quantities are practical and economical.

18 - Door Hangers

Door hangers are frequently used by local businesses who cater to residential customers.

19 - Educational Materials - Booklets and Magazines

Create educational materials such as guides, tutorials, or FAQs in the form of booklets or magazines. Or use how-to videos to help customers better understand the company's products or services. Link to the videos in print with QR codes.

20 - Event Promotion

Use direct mail to promote upcoming local events, conferences, or trade shows, and encourage customers to attend.

21 - Follow-Up Mailings

Follow up with customers or prospects via a multi-step direct mail campaign. This could be after a purchase or a meeting to offer additional support, answer questions, or offer new products or services.

22 - Forms

Companies still use carbonless forms for internal tasks or customer service tasks.

23 - Gift Certificates or Coupons

Encourage customers to make a purchase by offering a gift certificate or coupon for a discount on their next order.

24 - Greeting Cards

Create custom branded greeting cards for local companies that want to stand out more by avoiding generic greeting cards.

25 - Industry Events

Use direct mail to promote industry events such as conferences, networking events, or trade shows, encouraging customers to attend and network with other professionals.

26 - Industry Reports or Whitepapers

Print industry reports or whitepapers that provide valuable insights and information on industry trends or challenges, positioning the company as a thought leader in the industry.

27 - Infographics

Create infographics that showcase industry data or company information in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format. A colorful infographic in print will get attention in print as much or more as they do online.

28 - Interactive Catalogs

Create interactive catalogs that allow customers to click through to product pages or watch product videos, providing a more engaging and immersive shopping experience.

29 - Interactive Direct Mail

Incorporate interactive elements such as pop-ups, gatefolds, or pull-tabs into direct mail pieces to create a more engaging and memorable experience for the customer.

30 - Interactive Packaging

Create packaging that includes interactive elements such as augmented reality or pop-ups to provide a unique and engaging experience for the customer.

31 - Invitations

Create custom invitations to corporate events, trade shows, or product launches.

32 - Limited Edition Products

Create limited edition products or services and promote them through direct mail, creating a sense of exclusivity and encouraging customers to act quickly.

33 - Limited-Time Offers

Promote limited-time offers through direct mail to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to take advantage of the offer before it expires.

34 - Loyalty Programs

Reward loyal customers with exclusive discounts or perks through a loyalty program, which can be promoted through direct mail.

35 - Lumpy Mail

Lumpy mail is a direct mail piece in which a small object is placed in the envelope to make it "lumpy." The idea, of course, is that lumpy mail almost always gets opened. And opening is a major step in an effective direct mail campaign.

36 - Menus

Many restaurants continue to use print menus. Take-out menus are another option to suggest to restaurant clients.

37 - New Product Announcements

Use direct mail to announce new product launches or upgrades, generating excitement and anticipation among existing and potential customers.

38 - Newsletters

A monthly or quarterly print newsletter is an ideal way to keep customers informed about the latest news and updates in their industry. And newsletters stay on the desks of recipients far longer than emails remain in an inbox.

39 - Personalized Gifts

Create personalized gifts such as mugs, key chains, pens, or tote bags with the company's branding. Send to loyal customers or high-value prospects.

40 - Personalized Notes

Create a personalized note or letter to thank customers for their business, congratulate them on a recent accomplishment, or offer a special promotion.

41 - Personalized Video Messages

Use direct mail to send personalized video messages to customers, creating a more personalized and memorable experience. You can link to the video with QR codes.

42 - Political Signs

During election season there is plenty of demand for political signs in almost every community.

43 - Postcards

Use postcards to promote upcoming events, sales, or new product launches. Postcards are also perfect for reminding customers of appointments or upcoming deadlines.

44 - Posters

Posters can be used for trade shows, local events, meetings and conferences.

45 - Presentation Folders

Also called pocket folders, presentation folders are used to create marketing and sales kits in all industries.

46 - Print Services

If you offer services such as list management, mailing services, fulfillment, specialty bindery capabilities such as map folding, or warehousing, let  your clients know.

47 - Product Labels

Manufacturers and small retailers need product labels for all their physical products.

48 - QR Codes

Include QR codes on all direct mail pieces to provide a quick and easy way for customers to access more information about the company or product.

49 - Rack Cards

Rack cards are primarily used in tourist destinations to promote local businesses at hotels, restaurants, and tourist centers. As the name implies, these displays are rack fixtures that hold dozens of promotional cards or brochures.

50 - Referral Contests

Create limited-time referral contests that encourage customers to refer their friends or colleagues to the company. Offer prizes or rewards for the most successful referrers.

51 - Referral Programs

Encourage customers to refer their friends or colleagues to the company by offering a referral program. Referral programs typically offer cash or some other relevant perk to anyone who refers. These can be promoted through direct mail, and can be used in conjunction with referral contests.

52 - Samples or Product Demos

Send out physical samples or product demos in print to give prospects a firsthand experience of the product's quality and value.

53 - Scratch-Off Promotions

Include scratch-off promotions on direct mail pieces to create a sense of excitement and urgency for the customer.

54 - Seasonal Promotions

Use direct mail to promote seasonal promotions, such as holiday sales or end-of-year clearance events. For best results, and to not miss a special day, use a calendar to create and schedule all seasonal promotions for the coming year.

55 - Social Media Promotion

Include social media handles or hashtags on direct mail pieces to encourage customers to follow the company on social media and engage with the brand online. Of course, include the QR code linking to the channel.

56 - Special Occasion Cards

Create personalized cards for special occasions such as birthdays, business or personal anniversaries, or holidays to build stronger relationships with customers, and to stay top-of-mind.

57 - Stationery

Letterhead and envelopes are still used by nearly every business for written communication.

58 - Stickers and Bumper Stickers

Crack-n-peel stickers and bumper stickers can be used by companies and individuals for dozens of applications.

59 - Surveys and Feedback Forms

Include surveys or feedback forms with direct mail pieces to gather valuable insights from customers and improve the customer experience. Link to them with a QR code. Or use a built-in business reply card or a postage-paid return envelope.

60 - Table Tents

Retail businesses, especially restaurants, can use table tents to promote special offers, menu items, or website content.

61 - Targeted Campaigns

Use targeted direct mail campaigns to reach specific demographics or industries. This lets the company tailor their messaging and increases the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

62 - Targeted Upselling

Use direct mail to promote upselling opportunities to existing customers, based on their previous purchase history or other relevant data.

63 - Testimonials

Print customer testimonials on direct mail pieces to build trust and credibility with potential customers. Add customer photos with each testimonial to give them a human face and make them even more credible.

64 - Thank-You Notes

Send thank-you notes to customers after a purchase or other interaction to show appreciation for their business and build stronger relationships. Print attention-getting branded thank-you notes for them to have at the ready.

65 - VIP Programs

Create VIP programs for high-value customers, offering exclusive perks or benefits, which can be promoted through direct mail.

66 - Window Displays

Retail businesses with public-facing windows can use them for special displays that attach to the window or sit on the floor in front of a window.

67 - Yard Signs

Clients may need small signs for yard sales, garage sales, or other local events. These are popular among local contractors, landscapers, lawn services and others that do local residential work.

Hopefully, you can use these ideas to generate some more business foryour company, by reminding clients of what an asset that print can be.

Help your clients achieve their marketing goals and drive business growth.

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